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Some people say that being diagnosed with cancer is like learning a new language. The Emotional & Practical Guide to Supporting a Spouse With Colon Cancer is an amazing guide that helps caretakers of Colon Cancer patients learn to navigate the uncertainties of colon cancer, it’s treatment, the uncomfortable conversations, the changes that cancer brings about in your lives, navigating the health care system and so much more.

  • Like a bad dream that you cannot wake up from, suddenly you are thrown in to a new reality.
  • The shock of hearing that your partner has Cancer never wears off.
  • The ‘new language’ of cancer care is foreign and overwhelming.
  • The thought of telling your children the news is too heartbreaking to face.
  • And what is even more daunting than your partner’s diagnosis?
  • You have now become the caretaker for a loved one and their Cancer experience.
  • Helping them to navigate the Cancer-care system
  • Tending to a new normal which includes, 
    • helping your spouse prepare for surgery, 
    • recovery after surgery, managing chemotherapy appointments, 
    • prepping nutritious meals, to help them maintain their weight
    • chemo ports, and stomas…
  • This diagnosis is not only about your partner. It’s about you too. Learn how & why you need to take care of your self.
  • The world as you knew it is crumbling around you, yet this new responsibility is calling you to step up, take control and remain calm.

Understand what to expect throughout your loved one’s Cancer care and treatment

Become an expert on Chemotherapy, Stoma, and Port treatment
so you can tackle care with confidence

Master expectations and treatment pre and post-surgery

Gain awareness of what awaits you as a caretaker so you can
prepare yourself for the journey ahead

Learn how to navigate difficult conversations with your children,
Your spouse's treatment team, and your spouse.

Practice self-care so you can feel calm in the midst of the
Cancer journey….and much, much, more!

Life is going to be different, but it does not
stop because of your spouse's
Colon Cancer diagnosis,
this guide will help you show you
what you may have to prepare for.

I have stood alongside many supportive partners as they navigate the overwhelming world of Gastro-Cancer Care.

With a ton of guidance, access to encouraging support, and the belief that
you need to care for yourself while supporting your loved one
through Cancer, this guide will help you to feel more calm,
confident, and find normalcy so you can be at the helm of your
loved one’s Cancer Care.

Don’t wait any longer to understand what to expect throughout
your partner’s care and treatment!


Hi! I’m Esther Mbabazi and as an In-patient Oncology Nurse, on a gastro -surgical oncology ward. Every day, I stand alongside patients & their families throughout their Cancer journey.

I put together this guide after many caregivers and patients through the years wished there was a guide to help them prepare for what to at least expect as they walk this path of uncertainty.  

Where can you turn once you absorb the shock of having to care for someone who has recently been diagnosed?

How do you begin to understand the road ahead when all you see are penciled in
doctor’s appointments that seem to take too long and give very little answers to your
ever-growing list of concerns?

How can you begin to feel like you can breathe again?

If you want to feel confident and calm as you approach Cancer care for your loved one, understand what to expect throughout your loved one’s care and treatment, learn how to care and clean your partner’s stoma, support them during chemotherapy, and help care for their port… then this is the most important guide you’ll ever purchase!

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An Emotional & Practical Guide to
Supporting a Spouse With Colon Cancer





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